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Department of Engineering

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Access and Security

Members of the Department

From 23 April 2018 the Department is putting in place new arrangements for out-of-hours access to buildings on the Trumpington Street site, including measures to avoid lone working.

These arrangements are applicable to all work situations and in particular where staff and students work outside of normal working hours or at any other time when the Department is officially closed.

It is intended to roll out these arrangements across the Department in the future and colleagues at West Cambridge should look out for future notices concerning their buildings.

For the Trumpington Street site, normal working hours are considered as follows:

  • Offices, Library, Seminar and Lecture Rooms (including DPO and Dyson Centre) - 07:00 to 23:00 Monday to Sunday including Public Holidays (unless otherwise stated)
  • Laboratories, Workshops and Plant Rooms - 08:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday

In order to be given access outside of normal working hours, a Request for Out-of-Hours Access must be submitted to the Security Office (


Visitors to the Department of Engineering are warmly welcomed but because of safety and security considerations the following rules apply to access which is limited as follows to:

  1. Engineering staff who have and display a departmental swipe card.
  2. Engineering students who have and display a departmental swipe card.
  3. Academic visitors who have and display a departmental swipe card.
  4. University staff visiting on business are asked to go first to our Reception unless their visit has been pre-notified. When moving around the department visitors should display their university card.
  5. Students from other departments visiting as part of their study programme who will have and display a university card.
  6. Members of the public visiting during the working day should report to Reception on arrival and wear the "visitors" badge with which they are provided.
  7. Members of the public visiting out of hours to attend an arranged event who are the responsibility of the organiser (who must organise physical access to the building and explain to visitors where, in the building, they are free to go).

Category 7 visitors are at risk if there is a safety or security problem. It is important that the organiser of the event appreciates his/her responsibilities towards visitors in these respects. Visitors need to be told what to do in an emergency and to know where they may go within the department. Organisers who make reference to access on web pages should include a link to this notice.

Taking Equipment Off Site

Members of staff are reminded of the need to advise security (email that they propose to take an item of equipment (including furniture etc.) off site on a particular day. A CCTV system protects this site and if people are observed removing items without notification they are likely to be challenged. Any item now deemed to be of no value to the Department may only be removed with written approval and any academic member of staff issuing such approval should send a copy to the Research and Finance Office before the item is removed. Anyone wishing to seek clarification concerning the movement of items (perhaps on a regular basis) please email the Facilities Manager .