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Disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

Disposal Of Old Computer and AV Equipment

The Department has facilities to store old unwanted Computer and AV Equipment awaiting subsequent collection by a contractor employed by the University, for refurbishment or recycling, in accordance with the current WEEE regulations (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

If you have any equipment for disposal, such as Computer Base Units, Monitors, Printers, Keyboards/Mice, Cables, or TVs, Video and DVD players, Audio Equipment, please contact Tomasz Awecki, the Utilities Supervisor (e-mail: , ext: 32783) informing him of the type and quantity of equipment and its location. He will then arrange for it to be collected and taken to the store room.

The storage room does not (any longer) have a standard P series lock, so please note that access is now only possible via the Utilities Supervisor (as above), and the room will be locked at all other times. For this reason, please do not take equipment directly there yourself, or leave any equipment in the corridor outside.

Old Computer and AV Equipment, (or any other electronic/electrical equipment) must not be dumped in any of the Department skips; please use the above procedure in all cases.